For a spring garland you need orange burlap, a Dollar Tree carrot garland, & twine.

Pull the green raffia "leaves" from the top of the carrots.

Then cut the twine up against the bottom of the carrot.

Wrap the carrot in orange burlap.

cut strips in a leaf

Insert the leaf into the top of the carrot.

Tie a piece of twine around the top of the carrot cinching the burlap closed.

Trace my free bunny template on cardboard & cut it out.

Wrap the bunnies in twine.

Roll out 12-15' feet of twine & string 5 wood beads on the garland...

...then string the garland through the twine bunny just below the ears.

Add 5 more wood beads then pull the twine through the carrot bow.

Repeat the pattern until you like the spring garland length.

Make a simple bow for each end of the garland.

Then attach them to each end of the spring garland.

Now your spring garland is ready to hang!

We're giving away $100! Who doesn't want new decor pieces or an outfit when spring rolls around?!

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