To make a rope wreath, you need 6 packs of rope from Dollar Tree. Each pack is 6.9',  so a roll of 50' from Lowe's will work as well.

Pair up your ropes in 2's, then tape them on your work surface.

Begin to braid the ropes together, bringing the left 2 ropes over the middle 2.

Then bring the right 2 ropes over the middle 2. Keep the braid tight as you go.

Continue braiding, alternating bringing the left side over the middle then the right side over the middle.

When you get to the end, glue each of the 2 rope pieces together over the middle ropes.

Then you can glue the individual ropes together in a line.

To make a base for the rope wreath, trace around a large 12" circular object, like a bowl, on a foam board. Then trace a 10" circle inside that.

Cut along the 2 lines with an Exacto knife.

You can use scissors to smooth out any rough edges on the new wreath base.

Now it's time to assemble the DIY rope wreath. Squeeze hot glue on the wreath base & put the rope on it.

Add glue around the wreath form, placing the braided rope down as you go.

When you get back to where you started, start a 2nd row outside the 1st ring.

If you have excess rope when the wreath is covered, cut off the excess & hot glue the ends together.

Put glue on the end of the rope and tuck it under the wreath.

Embellish your wreath to match your home decor. I have a coastal farmhouse theme for summer, so I used nautical accents. I cut a banner with my Cricut & the letters for "Seas the Day."

I glued the letters to the banner, then added them to a piece of twine stretched across the rope wreath.

Finally, I added a seashell to the top of my rope wreath and an anchor shape to the bottom right side.