Make a beautiful farmhouse style burlap wreath so easy that even the beginner can do it! Get the full supply list in the full post by clicking below.

Trace a 3-4" circle on burlap. You will need red, white, and blue.

Continue adding circles until the entire yard of burlap is covered. See the full post for how much more burlap you will need.

Cut out your burlap circles to add to your patriotic wreath.

Next, you will fold the burlap circles. Fold in half, then in half again.

Now you will essentially have a triangle shape with a round  top.

There are 2 ways to add the burlap to the patriotic wreath. Here I will be using hot glue. See the full post for the other option.

Continue adding red burlap until you have a stripe covering the sides and top. See the full post to find the width each stripe should be to fit 13 equal stripes.

Once you have the width of the red stripe that you need, start on a white stripe. Remember it's important to see the full post to get the correct widths to have the wreath work out properly.

This is what you will have on the outside of the burlap wreath.

Add a section of blue burlap & continue adding red & white stripes. 

Fill the patriotic completely with burlap until it's completely covered with 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes, and a section of blue.

Finally, it's time to embellish the patriotic burlap wreath with stars. 

When it's complete, you can cut off any extra strings sticking out of the patriotic wreath. How adorable is this?!

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