How to Make a Sign without a Cricut!

Grab a blank wood sign or canvas, pencil, paper, & my design & let's get started!

paint or stain the frame

Tape off the main part of the sign with painter's tape.

use small pieces as a guide to keep them even

Add tape stripes to the sign.

Paint them, then swap the tape so that it's over the paint.

Paint the second set of stripes. 

When dry, remove the tape.

print one of my free designs

or make one of your own!


scribble on the back with pencil

Get a thick layer over the letters.

tape the design to the sign

press down hard

Trace over the letters.

the design will be left on the sign

Paint the design on the sign with a paint pen...

... or a small paint brush

This technique can be used on door hangers & porch leaners too!