Knotted rope vases are $55-$60 at home decor stores. You can make your own with rope & a vase from Dollar Tree.

First, unravel a 3-strand white cotton rope from Dollar Tree. If you want to spend a little more, you can use 3mm macrame cord.

Hot glue ~40" pieces in a row on the side of the vase.

Keep adding rope until then entire side of the vase is covered.

Take 3 ropes and bring them under the next 3 to start the knotted pattern on the vase..

Then go over the next 3, under the next 3, continuing over, under, over, under until you're out the other side.

Weave the next row just like you did the first one, continuing going opposite on each row.

Turn the knotted vase rope as you go and continue weaving the rope to cover it.

When you get back to the start, this is what it will look like.

Lift the ropes, hot glue them to the knotted rope vase, then cut off the excess rope.

You may need to tape the ropes before you cut them to keep them from unraveling. See the full post for details.

Glue the last 3 ropes in place & cut them off.

That's it! Your knotted rope vase is complete!

I placed mine on a ladder shelf with other coastal themed decor.