How to Easily Mount a TV & Hide Cables in Wall

All you need is a an in-wall kit & a TV mount if it isn't mounted yet! The kit is less than $50!!

Tape the cardboard mount template on the wall where your measurements are.

If your TV isn't mounted yet, measure the wall & check for studs & wiring.

assemble the mount & hang it

This was so easy. I put the mount together in 5 minutes, & my husband and I hung it in about 2!

turn off the power to the room

Use the round drill bit from the kit & drill two holes...

one inside the mount where the TV cord will be & one below it near the outlet.

feed the outlet plug through the top hole

This is where you will plug in your TV.

Some kits come with feed tape, ours didn't but it was easy.

Just reach into the hole and pull the plug/cable through the bottom hole.

Pop the white covers over the holes & you're done!