To make these Halloween ceramic books you'll need the Dollar Tree books, black chalk paint, metallic black paint, a thin gold paint pen, & my free designs for book titles.

First head over to the full post to download my free book title & author designs!

Next, use painter's tape to tape off the "book pages" on the top and side.

My painter's tape was a bit wider than the "pages," so I used a utility knife to cut off the extra. It's very easy to do by just running the knife along the groove.

Paint the entire ceramic books with black chalk paint (or your color choice).

Remove the painter's tape from the Halloween books when the paint is dry.

Paint the bat, spiders, etc., with black metallic paint to add contrast. You can see all I painted in the video in the full post.

Use the thin gold paint pen to go over the embellishments on the Halloween ceramic Dollar Tree books.

Print out my book titles and cut them apart.

Then, scribble over the back of the letters with a pencil, covering it in lead.

Place the title on the book & tape it in place, then trace over the letters firmly.

Remove the paper & tape, then go over the pencil titles with the gold paint pen.

I also added a raven from a Dollar Tree Halloween napkin, so check out that in the full tutorial!

Check out the finished Dollar Tree ceramic Halloween books in the full post!