To make this burlap witch hat wreath you need a wreath form, 5.5" burlap (3 rolls), pipe cleaners, & ribbon.

Attach the 5.5" burlap to the corner of the witch hat brim with a pipe cleaner.

Move down the burlap about 5-6" then attach the "bubble" to the bottom wire of the witch hat with another pipe cleaner.

Gather another bubble & attach it to the top wire of the witch hat brim.

Repeat with a 3rd bubble attaching it to the bottom wire.

Continue swapping attaching burlap bubbles to the top wire then the bottom wire of the witch hat brim. This is the view from the back.

When it is full, tuck more burlap bubbles in to make it tight.

Then move up to the 2nd section from the bottom & stretch the burlap bubble from the top of it to the bottom & attach that bubble with pipe cleaner.

Fill that section of the witch hat with burlap bubbles.

Move up to the 3rd & 4th sections, filling them the same way.

The top 2 sections will only take 2 bubbles each to fill. 

If you'd like to further decorate your witch hat wreath, pull bubbles of ribbon through the burlap.

Finally, make a coordinating bow & attach it to the witch hat wreath form.

I added a Dollar Tree witch hat pick above the bow & called it done!