For this hand-held fan style flip flop wreath you need 3 pairs of flip flops and ribbon for a bow. I got mine from Dollar Tree.

Add hot glue to the back of one of your flip flops.

Press the matching show to it, back end to back end.

Center it over the meeting of the first two (at a 90° angle).

Now add glue to the right back corner of one of the final pair of flip flops. I used a cute print here.

Press the matching shoe to the glue in a V shape.

Now glue those two over the meeting of the first three flip flops. You'll have a cute fan shape.

Make a loop using ribbon or twine and glue it to the button holding the thong of the middle shoe on the wreath to use as a hanger.

Finally make a cute bow and hot glue it onto the top of the wreath. This was one of my early wreaths & posts, so if I had to do it over again, I would make a loopy wreath bow. See the full post for an easy tutorial on those!

That's it! Just hang your easy DIY flip flop wreath. This was when we were building our house, so forgive the lighting at our old apartment!