To make this burlap pumpkin wreath you need, 5.5" burlap (any color- I used plum b/c it matched my fall color scheme), matching ribbon, & raffia.

Cut pipe cleaners in thirds (or floral wire) & attach the end of the burlap to the bottom corner of the last inner wire.

Gather about 5-6" of burlap & make a "bubble" to attach to the outside wire of the pumpkin wreath form.

Gather another section & attach it to the inner wire.

Take another 5-6" section of burlap & attach it with a pipe cleaner to the outer pumpkin wreath form wire.

Continue to the top of the pumpkin wreath & attach the burlap to the top corner of the inner wire.

Move to the 2nd section & attach the burlap to the top corner of the 2nd inner wire.

Move down this section the same way you did the first, inner wire then outer.

Fill up the pumpkin wreath form nice & tight by pushing the "bubbles" of burlap together.

Next, move into the 3rd section attaching the burlap to the 3rd inner wire at the bottom corner.

When you run out of a roll of burlap, just attach a new one to the next wire in the pattern. 

When your pumpkin wreath is full of burlap, you can add a coordinating ribbon throughout. Put the end of the ribbon in the back of the wreath, then pull a ribbon "bubble" through the front. 

I used 2 different ribbons. It doesn't matter where you pull the ribbons through, just even it out.

Next, cover the pumpkin wreath stem with raffia. You can see the covered pumpkin wreath stem in this photo. I didn't have a photo of this step since I included a video of it in the full blog post, so be sure to check it out using the button below.

Finally, make a bow for your burlap pumpkin wreath. I used 2 ribbons & a simple 2-loop bow with each & placed a raffia bow in front.

Attach it to the pumpkin wreath form at the top, where the burlap meets the raffia stem. I also used the pipe cleaner securing it to make a loop for hanging the wreath.