Cut 4 lamb's ear stems to fit in the floral arrangement.

Add the lamb's ear stems around the outside of the original greenery.

Place baby's breath on top of the plant on any extending branches missing greenery.

Add small pieces of baby's breath around the outside.

Wrap ribbon around the spring arrangement's galvanized planter.

Make a 4-loop bow. Create a loop, keeping the center pinched.

Create a 2nd loop across from the first, then twist the bow to create 2 more, making an X pattern.

Secure the bow in the center with a pipe cleaner, but don't cut the ribbon off.

Get the video tutorial for the bow in the full post.

Wrap the ribbon around the center of the bow, covering the pipe cleaner.

Cut off the excess ribbon and glue it in place in the back, then fluff the loops.

Glue the bow to the spring arrangement.

Add preserved moss to the flowerpot.

That's it! Your DIY Dollar Tree spring arrangement is ready to display!

Get the full video tutorial in the post,

along with other amazing DIY spring decor pictured in my home!

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