To make this pumpkin wreath you need a pumpkin wreath form, buffalo check fabric, rope, & scissors.

Place the fabric around the pumpkin wreath form & cut the fabric to fit. See the blog post to see how.

Clip the fabric on the pumpkin wreath form with clothespins to hold it on for now.

Lift the clothespins, one by one, and add hot glue to the wreath form rim.

Place the clothespin back on while the glue dries, then move to the next one.

Once the fabric is attached, remove the clothespins. Then add glue to the base of the pumpkin stem & add rope.

Continue wrapping it all the way up the stem...

...then place glue across the top of the stem, glue the rope in place, & cut the excess off.

Finally, make a simple bow, like this (I used 2 ribbons)...

...or one like this (easy tutorial on the blog).

I also added a little pinecone to my pumpkin wreath stem & a DT pumpkin, or you could leave it as is.