To make this DIY patriotic yarn & scarf wreath you just need a few Dollar Tree supplies. Cost will be $3!

First wrap red, white, or blue yarn around something small like a Fire Stick remote (a little tip to help you wrap the wreath easier). Then glue the end of the yarn to the wreath.

Begin to wrap the wreath with the yarn. See the full tutorial for a trick to do this quickly!

If you run out of the yarn you wrapped around the remote, glue the end in place & start a new strand.

Continue wrapping until the wreath is covered & glue the end in place.

Next, lay your patriotic Dollar Tree scarf under the yarn wrapped wreath form.

Tie the scarf in a neat bow. 

Or you can widen the scarf out around the edges like this.

Tie it in a neat bow.

And that's it! How easy is that?! And it only costs $3! You can hang the wreath or...

...use it in vignettes like this or...

Like this.

Check out the blog for tons of other easy DIY patriotic decor!