For a bunny topiary you need a bunny garden stake, spray adhesive, & moss.

Paint the bunny garden stake with moss colored chalk paint.

Spray adhesive on the bunny then press moss onto it.

Continue adding moss until the bunny is covered.

Place floral foam in a vase then insert the garden stake bunny in it.

Cover the foam with Spanish moss and add a bow around the vase if desired.

You can also make small bunny topiaries with cardboard & twine!

Print & cut out my free bunny templates.

Trace on cardboard & cut them out.

You need two bunnies per topiary.

Glue them together & add a wood dowel at the bottom.

Wrap the bunny with twine.

Glue the dowel into a terracotta pot.

Add filler around the wood dowel to hold it in place.

Top with moss & that's it!

We're giving away $100! Who doesn't want new decor pieces or an outfit when spring rolls around?!