To make these DIY nautical buoys you just need a few Dollar Tree supplies. Cost will be less than $4 for 3 buoys!

First, cut the top of the styrofoam blocks into tapered ends. Full instructions on how to do that is in the full post! I used a grid mat to make straight lines.

Use a BBQ skewer or other sharp, round object to carve a circular hole through the top of the DIY buoy. Make it big enough for the end of the rope.

To make sure that your finished nautical buoys don't look like Dollar Tree styrofoam in the end, coat it in with matte Mod Podge.

When it dries, add a 2nd coat. If any of the porous surface shows through, add a 3rd one.

Pass the skewer through the hole you made again to break through any Mod Podge that might've tried to seal it.

Now use painter's tape to tape off the bottom of the DIY buoy for painting. Press the edges down firmly but carefully.

Add more tape to create as many & as wide of stripes as you'd like.

Paint between the tape. It took 2 coats to cover them. When it dries, remove the tape.

Place tape along the edge of the painted sections. I made 4 stripes on some buoys & 5 on others.

Paint between the tape. When it's dry, remove it. I ended up with 4 stripes on some of my buoys & 5 on others. 

To make a handle for the nautical buoys, tie a knot in the end of white cotton rope.

Place the end of the knot into the hole you created & add hot glue to hold it in.

Cut the rope to the length you'd like it. The first I made long enough to hang over, the other 2 I made shorter. See the full post & video for what I mean.

Tie another knot & add hot glue to the 2nd hole on the Dollar Tree nautical buoy.

That's it! Your Dollar Tree DIY boys are complete & will be the perfect addition to your coastal farmhouse decor!

Add in some red to one of the DIY buoys & they make great patriotic decor for the summer holidays as well.