To make this fall twig wreath you need dried grasses a spiral twig wreath, ribbon, scissors, & hot glue.

Slide the stem of one the of pieces of dried grass into the wreath as far as it will go.

Decide how full or sparce you want your wreath to be and space your grasses accordingly.

Cut the grasses if needed. 

Continue adding dried grass until you're back where you started.

When it is full, use hairspray to set it as is.

To match my fall porch decor I needed to use 2 different ribbons. I combined 2 4-loop bows.

I decided I wanted a front loop, so I cheated & made a loop from my 2nd ribbon.

Then hot glued it on the front of the bow.

Using the pipe cleaner that secured the bow, attach it to the bottom or top of the fall twig wreath.

Until I could hang it on my fall porch, I hung my twig wreath in my entryway. You can see both decorated for fall on the blog.