Make your own beautiful tea towel ladder with Dollar Tree wood to display decorative towels!

sand the Dollar Tree wood

You need four 10" pieces & two 12" pieces.

Measure the 12" pieces at 6."

cut the wood

You can get a hacksaw from Dollar Tree for $1.25 that will work if you don't have a saw.

Glue two 10" piece together. Repeat with the other two.

Glue the 3 6" pieces you cut to the side you just glue together.

add three steps to the ladder

use E6000 & hot glue for quick adhesion

Place the second side on top of the three steps.

Place books on top of the tea towel ladder while the glue dries.

Use acrylic paint to faux stain or wood stain on the wood.

Dip a towel or brush in water then in a little paint.

Wipe the faux stain on the tea towel ladder .

Continue adding colors until you're happy with the look.

That's it! Now display your towels for every season!