Make a coastal farmhouse style rope tray with matching coasters using Dollar Tree rope!

Add hot glue along the sides of the rope circle and continue rolling.

When you run out of rope, the end of another strand onto the coastal rope tray.

Once your tray is about 11-12" wide, you can stop adding width and start adding height.

Add 4 rounds of rope around the edges.

Next, to add handles, cut two 8" pieces of rope.

Glue the ends of the ropes between the edge of the tray and the rope adding height.

Repeat on the other side. You can use a ruler to ensure they're even.

To add a coastal look to your DIY farmhouse tray, place it on a piece of beach themed fabric.

Cut the fabric to fit the coastal farmhouse tray along the line.

Then hot glue the fabric into the tray. Here it was just laid in, but it was later pulled tight & glued down.

You can add a bow to the front of the DIY tray or to the handles if you choose.

Finally make a set of DIY coasters to match your coastal farmhouse rope tray.

Continue until the coaster is about 5" wide. Cut the end of the rope off & glue it in place.

Next, cut a piece of beach themed fabric to fit the coaster.

Hot glue it in place.

Add a piece of rope to trim the edge. I used white cotton because I ran out of sisal.

That's it! Your DIY coastal farmhouse rope tray & coaster set is complete!