To make this DIY coastal wood bead wreath you just need a few Dollar Tree supplies. 

Fold the garland so that it is doubled over for about 5," center the end over the bottom center, & attach the doubled section 5" from center.

Attach the garland to the bottom center with wire or pipe cleaner.

Glue a piece of wire to a coastal piece, like a sand dollar or starfish.

Place the sand dollar on the bottom center of the coastal wood bead wreath. 

Next, make a bow with your desired ribbon. I used a `1.5" ribbon to make a 6-loop bow. See how in the video tutorial!

Use the ribbon to cover the wire securing the bow, then glue it in place.

Finally, attach the bow to the top of the coastal wood bead wreath with the wire.

That's it! You can use this wreath inside or out! Here it is on my front door...