To make this chunky yarn pumpkin wreath you need a pumpkin wreath form, chunky yarn, ribbon, & scissors.

Weave the chunky yarn through the bottom of the pumpkin wreath form, going over one wire and under the next. Check out the video tutorial on the blog.

Weave a 2nd row, but this time go over the wire you went under the first time and under the one you went over.

Weave the 3rd row, repeating the 1st row pattern.

Continue weaving the chunky yarn through the pumpkin wreath form.

If you run out of yarn, just hot glue a new piece to the end of the old one.

When you get to the top, cut off the excess chunky yarn & tuck the end into the back of the pumpkin wreath form.

Fluff the yarn to cover any of the wreath wires that are showing.

I spray painted a "welcome" sign from Dollar Tree & glued it to the center of the pumpkin wreath.

Then I wrapped the stem of the pumpkin with copper ribbon.

Finally, I made a simple bow & glued it to the chunky yarn just below the stem of the pumpkin wreath.

It turned out so elegant & gorgeous! Get the full tutorial with video & other matching tutorials on the blog!