To make this adorable bunny wreath you need chunky yarn & a tinsel wrapped bunny decoration from Dollar Tree.

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Remove the tinsel from the plastic bunny wreath from Dollar Tree.

This is not the exact wreath form I used (the one on the previous page is). I had already used it for another project, so I'm showing you how to remove the tinself here.

Begin wrapping the yarn around the plastic hooks on the left side of the "neck" of the bunny.

Hot glue on the back if needed.

loop the yarn around the top hook then the bottom one & back up

This is the view from the back.

Continue wrapping the body until you get back to the top, lift up & begin wrapping the head.


Hook the yarn around the hooks on one side then across the head to the other.

Move up to cover one ear.

Cut off the excess yarn at the top then tuck the yarn in the back.

Wrap the second bunny ear with the chunky yarn, cut off excess at the end, & tuck it in.

Draw 2 bunny paws on cardboard & cut them out.

Attach pipe cleaners & wrap the paws with pink yarn.

Make 2 or 3 bows to match the yarn used on the bunny paws. 


attach them to the base of the ears or the neck. I only left them on the ears in the end.

See the full finished chunky yarn bunny wreath with pompom tail in the full blog post!

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