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Turn a witch hat wreath into a carrot wreath shape.

Bend the top wires of the wreath form inward to form a tapered carrot shape.

Pull the inner wire off the witch hat's brim that you pulled off.

Glue it across the top of the carrot.

Hold the piece of wire in place until it holds.

You can use E6000 if you need it.

Attach the end of the burlap to the wreath form with a pipe cleaner.

Form a "bubble" burlap & by attaching another section to the wreath form.

Continue making bubbles & attaching them to the sides & top section of the carrot wreath.

Move down to the second section & add long bubbles of burlap.

The second section will need 5 long "bubbles."

Continue adding long "bubbles" in each section to the bottom of the carrot wreath form.

Gather faux greenery & attach it to the carrot wreath.

Make a bow & attach it through the burlap.

You can leave it like this-

or attach a spring mason jar sign.

Add a bow to the sign.

Attach pipe cleaners to the back of the mason jar.

Attach the sign through the front of the burlap.

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