To make an adorable burlap cross wreath you need 5.5" burlap, 1.5" ribbon, a cross wreath form, & faux flowers.

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Slide a burlap "bubble" into the three wire slots at the bottom of the wreath.

Push the "bubbles" down.

Continue adding burlap in the slots and pushing them down. 

Add burlap until the first section is packed tightly, then move to the second section.

When you get to the cross section, cut off the burlap & tuck the end in.

Slide burlap into the cross section horizontally.

Fill the cross section tightly.

Then move to the top section.

This is what it should look like from the back.

Make a bow & attach it to the center.

Leave it like this or...

... add flowers through the wreath.

Or you can place a large flower in the center.

Check out the tutorial for the full instructions!

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