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Add hot glue to the end of the rope.

Roll the rope into a flat circle.

Add hot glue to the edge of the rope circle & keep rolling it in.

Add another piece of rope when you run out.

Keep rolling until the placemat is larger than a dinner plate.

Glue the placemat on a piece of cardboard or foam board to add stiffness.

Twist two pipe cleaners together. Do this twice.

Twist the ends the sets together.

Then bend them around and twist the other ends together.

Bend the pipe cleaners into a bunny ear shape.

Make a second pipe cleaner bunny ear.

Glue fabric on around the pipe cleaner bunny ears.

Hot glue rope around the bunny ears.

Glue the bunny ears to the top of the placemat.


make a rag bow with fabric scraps.

Then attach a ribbon bow to the front of the scrap bow.

Glue the bow to the top of the bunny placemat.

Repeat for as many placemats as you need.

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