Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath for All Seasons!

Make a wreath you can change up a little to use all year long with chunky yarn & a wire wreath form!

Tie a slip knot around the outer two rings on the wreath form.

Hold open the slip knot

& pull another loop of chunky yarn through it.

pull the yarn through the middle two wires on the wreath & pull another loop through

Pull the next loop from outside the form & through the loop...

...then from the inside next.

Continue until the outer wires are covered.

Move to the inner wires & begin covering them.

pull the last loop through the back of the wreath form  

cut off the excess chunky yarn

No glue required, the chunky yarn will hold in the picks in place.

Embellish the wreath with ribbon, picks, & flowers!

If you need glue, add the item to pipe cleaners or floral wire.

slip in flowers & greenery