DIY Summer Camp Autograph Pillowcase- with Cricut Project Included

In today’s post I am going to share with you how to make a DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase. The summer camp that our kids are going to is very short, just like the time they’ll be kids. I wanted them to be able to create memories and bring a few of them home with them. With this pillowcase, they can have their new camp friends sign it so they’ll remember their names for more than a few months!

DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase Pinterest image

I used my Cricut to make these pillowcases, but you can easily make them without one. One way to do that would be using a stencil and paint or markers. Dollar Tree has some cute letter stencils. They may have a stencil with a tent or campfire you can put above your child’s name. If not stenciling on “Summer Camp Memories” then “Name 2021” below that would be just as cute. I may stencil a design for you and add a picture later this week.

Another option without a Cricut would be to use vinyl iron-on letters. You can get them from WalMart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or other craft store. You can also order black 0.8″ tall letters from Amazon here. If you have access to a printer, you can create a design and use these print then iron-on vinyl sheets to make your perfect DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase.

To make your DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase using a Cricut you will need:

  • iron-on vinyl- 2 colors
  • scissors
  • standard grip mat
  • pillowcase
  • iron
  • wax paper
Supplies needed to make a DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase: (shown) standard grip cutting mat, pillowcase, mermaid glitter vinyl, teal vinyl, scissors, and weeding tool.

Open and Cut Design

Open Cricut Design Space. You are going to love me so much! I am giving your my DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase design! It will save you a lot of time trying to create a new design on your own. You will be able to make your pillowcase in under 10 minutes!

Click here to get to the project design. I did use part of a paid design, slicing off what I didn’t want, then adding all of the wording. I am not sure if it will require you to buy the design and fonts or not. If you do, going with the Cricut Access subscription may be the best way to go. I used my Cricut for years without one, and now I have no clue why I struggled for so long without it! You can opt to change the font to one you already own and just pay for the camp image which is $0.99 I think.

Summer camp autograph pillowcase Cricut Design Space design that you can use to create your own pillowcase.

Cut your design onto your iron-on vinyl. I used one color for the camp image and another for the words “summer camp” and their names. I used orange and gray-blue on my son’s and mermaid glitter and teal for my husband’s daughter’s. If you’d like, one color will be perfectly fine. Remember to set your dial to “Iron-on” and MAKE SURE to mirror the design before cutting!

Cut and Weed Design

Remove your design from the mat and cut the excess vinyl from around it. Carefully remove the vinyl from around the design that isn’t part of it. Do this for each piece, the image and the words.

Camp image and teal vinyl words for DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase

Now iron your pillowcase. Lay the image of the tent with trees in the background in the center of the pillowcase. Place a piece of wax paper on top of it. Iron over the design for about 30 to 45 seconds while pressing down firmly. Lift up the wax paper and the plastic from the edge of the design. If it is on the pillowcase, remove the rest of the plastic. If not, iron over it for another 20 seconds.

Ironing a camp vinyl design onto a pillowcase to create a DIY autograph pillowcase for summer camp.

Next align the words below the camp design. Make sure it’s centered, then lay the wax paper over it and iron it on for 30 to 45 seconds. Again make sure you press down firmly. Check the edge of the vinyl and if it’s attached, you can remove the plastic. You now have your entire design on your pillowcase!

Completed DIY Summer Camp Autograph Pillowcase

Now you are ready to send your kiddos off to camp! Make sure to pack a few Sharpie markers in their bag and instruct them to get their friends to sign it before the end of camp. When they get home they will have sweet memories to last a lifetime!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure you check out this summer camp packing post to get your free printable packing checklist so your kids have everything they need while away!

Collage of summer camp packing checklist free printables. One is for boys in different shades of blue, the other for girls in purple, yellow, and teal.

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    DIY summer camp autograph pillowcase Pinterest image

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    Summer camp care package Pinterest image
    Collage of summer camp packing checklist free printables. One is for boys in different shades of blue, the other for girls in purple, yellow, and teal.

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