End of the Year Teacher’s Gift with Free Printable

Today I am sharing with you the end of the year teacher’s gift that I made for my son’s teachers with a FREE printable! I cannot believe that it’s the end of the school year already. To me it has flown by. My son had two lovely teachers this year that we as a family like and appreciate! So I have put together a small gift to show our thanks.

You might remember the flower pots and seeds that I used here. I used them in my Mother’s Day gifts that our children in Sunday School gave their moms. You can see that post, with a free printable poem with a place for a handprint, here.

To make your end of the year teacher’s gift you need (all can be purchased at Dollar Tree):

  • metal galvanized flower pot (DIY farmhouse aged pot tutorial here)- You can purchase the one I used at Dollar Tree. If you don’t have one near you, or you don’t want to get out of the house, this is a pack of 12 on Amazon.
  • your choice of flower seeds in a packet (I used sweet peas and phlox.)
  • faux flowers or make a paper flower (I made a large one for each gift.)
  • free printable download below
  • tissue paper
  • wooden skewers

Step 1- Purchase items for the gift bucket.

My son has two teachers this year, so I needed two of each item. I purchased my metal flower pots from Dollar Tree. You can put this gift together with the flower pot as is, but I love giving the teachers a beautiful farmhouse style flower pot to use in their home as a decor piece. I am adding the tutorial for the pot soon, either tonight or in the morning.

Dollar Tree does carry flower seeds, but I bought mine from Walmart. The seeds from Dollar Tree come in a box, and are a mix of different types of flowers. I bought packets of sweet peas and phloxes for fifty cents at Walmart. You can get all of the other items from Dollar Tree.

Step 2- Print out the free gift tags.

Print out this beautiful printable to add to your gift bucket using the link below. I have created two different colors for you to choose from. Cream with English navy writing and English navy with cream writing, two of my blog colors. They will print out to be 3.5×2″ gift tags. For the best results print these on white cardstock. You can use regular paper, it just won’t be as sturdy.

Depending on your computer and printer, you may have to make sure your system doesn’t automatically change your image size to fit the paper. When I printed mine from the PDF print screen, it shows up as small first.

Print screen for the free printable that goes in the end of the year teacher's gift.

When I clicked the print button it made the image larger. To fix this, click the more settings button that is highlighted in yellow below. I am sorry that it is hard to see the yellow. It was the lightest color I could choose.

Now you will see a scale section with two options. One is fit to page, which was automatically chosen on my computer when I clicked print. The other, on my screen, had a circle to check with the number 305 beside it. Choose that option and it will bring the printable back to the correct size.

Now click print, and everything will print out the correct size.

Printable scaled to correct size with print button highlighted in yellow to print for the end of the year teacher's gift.

Step 3- Prep the items to go in the end of the year teacher’s gift.

Now cut your printable from the larger cardstock. I use a paper cutter that you can line up the cut and slide a blade that cuts a straight line. They are called paper trimmers. It is so much easier for me because I cannot cut perfectly straight with scissors. When I’m making a home decor piece or a gift such as this, I want it to look perfect. Scissors will work fine if you don’t have one.

Use the transparent tape to tape the wooden skewer to the back of the printable tag. If needed, you can cut your skewers to the height where you want your printable and your flower packet to sit. For my Mother’s Day gift and these, I left them at 10″. The height of your flowers or tissue paper will determine the height of your skewers.

Now do the same with your flower packet.

Sweet pea flower seeds and phlox flower seed packets taped to a wooden skewer to go into the end of the year teacher's gift.

Step 4- Put together the end of the school year teacher’s gift.

Now you can assemble your flower gift pot. Place a piece tissue paper inside the pot, then place a piece of floral foam or a wad of tissue paper (if you don’t have foam) inside it. That will hold the skewers in place. I put two black decor rocks on it to it to hold it down.

Floral foam placed in purple tissue paper in the flower pot end of the year teacher's gift.

Next stick your faux flowers or paper flower down in to the middle of the foam. Place one skewer with the free printable on one side of the flower and the other with the seeds on the other. You want them leaning just a tad to the side, making a slight “fan.” Cut one more piece of tissue paper in half and add them to the places that need more “filling.”

Adding two pieces of purple tissue paper to finish off the end of the school teacher's gift.

That’s it!

You are now finished with your end of the school teacher’s gift! They are that easy. If you are pressed for time, you don’t have to age the flower pots. You can even use smaller terracotta pots. There are endless ways to customize your gifts. You can have a quick gift in less than five minutes. You can even use pencils instead of the wooden skewers, and the teachers will have a few extra pencils around for next year.

Here’s the finished pots for my sons teachers! I aged their galvanized metal flower pots and added farmhouse-style vinyl quotes. Again, if you’re pressed for time or you’d rather not age the pots, that’s fine. They can use their flower pots inside to add to their farmhouse decor with faux flowers and plant the flowers in their yards. Or they can start the flowers in the pot and move them when they get a good growing start.

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