Adopt a Cop for Christmas

Adopt a Cop for Christmas & view Facebook group of the same name

Have you ever been in a car accident? Heard noises in your house at 2 am? Turned around for just a second in the store and your toddler wasn’t there? Or have you witnessed a loved one having a heart attack or stroke? Has your house ever been on fire? Someone stole your car or other property? Or have you had the dreaded domestic abuse situation? No matter the time or place, a law enforcement officer shows up to help in your time of need when you call 911.

Yet, our world is so crazy and backward that they are being attacked, hated, demonized, and tragically they are being killed just for the badge they wear. Many law enforcement officers are quitting or retiring in droves due to the hatred spewed about them in every area and every walk of life. The actions of a minuscule amount of bad cops are held against the other 99.9% of the good guys. Main stream media only reports on bad things that happen. Let’s show our love for law enforcement officers this Christmas and back our blue!

They need to know that their service and dedication do not go unnoticed. That’s why people across the coast are banding together to show their support by “Adopting a Cop for Christmas.” This movement was started for our Jackson County Sheriff’s Department by Linda Spiers Bock in October to let the department know that they are loved and so appreciated. The effort started as “Adopt a cop in West Jackson County”, but has morphed into “Adopt a Cop for Christmas in Jackson County” due to the support from the county and beyond.

The group is asking that those who want to show support for those men and women in blue, adopt a cop by donating a gift of at least $20 minimum for each of them. We’re asking that the gifts be usable by both men and women and that the gifts are truly $20 so that no one gets short-changed. Gift cards to local stores and restaurants would probably be a great idea. If you choose an actual food item, it must be in a sealed package.

Items must be dropped off by December 5th to your drop off location. They will be handed out on December 12th, but we want to make sure there are enough gifts for everyone on that date.

For more information on how to donate and drop-off your gift, contact Linda on the Adopt a Cop Facebook group.

Don’t live near us? We welcome your gift no matter where you’re sending from. Message Linda through the Facebook group above, and we’ll let you know the address of the station to send it. You can leave a comment below with any questions. Feel free to contact me through email at Again, you can the group as well.

Let’s overwhelm them with love and care! Please share this post and the Facebook group. Smash that share button! I thank you in advance!

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