Easy DIY Trunk or Treat Idea for Halloween

Halloween is just a week and a half away. Our church’s Trunk or Treat event is this coming Sunday evening.

Last year I decorated our trunk with the theme “Jesus is our Superhero!” It turned out so good. I’ll share my ideas & hopefully spark your imagination along the way.

This is an overview of the entire trunk & around it. The superhero theme worked well for me because my son was into them & I had a lot of decorations that went with it.

I made a little “photo booth” for kids to take their pictures. I used a foam board & cut out the middle, leaving five inches on all four sides.

I had superheros’s logos printed from a long ago birthday party. (Side note, this is why I keep everything, ha!) I glued them around the rectangle using Elmer’s glue sticks. Don’t use hot glue! It will melt your board. I added squares of comic book action blocks, writing the fruits of the Holy Spirit on each one. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control.

I set up a little table with a yellow plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree with Superman’s logo on the front, photo booth props, and a picture frame with a large comic book quote box that said, “Photo Booth” to let parents & kids know they could use the “frame” & props for family pics. Some of the props included superhero masks, quote bubbles they could write on with an Expo marker, lips, hats, Poison Ivy hair, Penguin’s monocle & hat, “I am Batman,” etc. The booth was a hit for sure!

My husband & I taking our turn in the booth.

To decorate the trunk, I first draped it with a black plastic tablecloth. I covered the lid of the trunk & covered all of the inner trunk with it.

I used many of my son’s action figures. I put some on the edges of the trunk, some inside, & a few on the tables. The ones I used have conversations with each other when they are placed face to face. The little kids enjoyed that.

I stretched a cardboard fold out “city” along the middle of the display. I bought it from Walmart, but I don’t know if they still carry them. It’s black “buildings” in varying heights & had yellow squares for windows.

I made large tissue paper flowers I put on the open trunk lid. I also made cardstock paper fans & taped logos on them. Between them I hung a banner made with pom poms, stars, & cut circles in red, white, & blue colors.

I made the Captain America “shields” from red frisbees. I cut a white circle, a smaller red circle, then an even smaller blue circle. Then I made a white star & assembled them on top of the frisbee. Next to this are Pop superheros.

To top out off I made a sign on foam poster board to sit in the trunk in the most visible place. I glued on comic book words like “BOOM,” “POW,” etc. I cut the letters for the board with my Cricut using comic book colors. I made a logo like Superman’s but instead of an S, I used a J for Jesus. The top section read “Jesus is our superhero,” & the bottom said, “We MARVEL at His wondrous works Psalm 98:1.”

The kids had a lot of fun at this event. I love making Jesus a part of our life daily. He died for us, & I want to show my children how much we owe to Him. I want them to know what an amazing Savior He is.

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own trunk or treat event. Drop a comment or a picture of your own trunk!

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