Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Make this gorgeous 🎃 wreath for $4!

This Halloween wreath looks amazing on our balcony door! I went ahead & made another one for the other door, & I couldn’t be happier with the look.

You can get every single supply needed for this wreath from Dollar Tree. Crazy, right?! To make your own, you’ll need:

  • Halloween themed scarf
  • Pumpkin wreath form
  • Sign from Dollar Tree that has pumpkins in/on it
  • Halloween metal words- They come in a 3 pack; Haunted, Spooky, & Beware.
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Black acrylic paint & paint brush
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • pipe cleaner

I used the football and pumpkin sign pictured above for my pumpkin on the front of the wreath. Dollar Tree has other signs with pumpkin shapes on them, so if your local store doesn’t have the football one, go with what they have. You need to remove one of the pumpkins from the ribbon it’s hung on. They are just held on by a staple, so it’s easy to remove & keep it intact. Flip the sign face down and hold one pumpkin in your hand, and lift the ribbon out and away. It doesn’t take a big pull, it just pops right off. Lightly sand the area where the staples were. It’s not a must do step, but it helps diminish the mark a bit.

Dust the pumpkin off and paint it black.  It only takes one coat to cover it well. Set it aside to dry.

Next you need to pin the scarf to the wreath form. Start at the bottom and one side of the form, draping a bit of the fabric over the edge of the bottom wires (about 2″ or so) and the edge of the sides, then place a clothespin to hold it on. Pull the scarf as tight as possible, then place the clothespins every few inches to hold it on before it’s glued. You won’t be able to pull it really tight yet because the clothespins will slide around some. Don’t worry too much about it at this point.

With entire bottom and half of each side covered, you need more fabric to cover the front top. Leave 2″ to glue around the wire, then cut the rest off.

Now you’ll begin hot gluing the edges over the wreath form. Start where you placed the first clothespins. Remove one, pull the edge taunt, then place a strip of glue along the back of the outside wire on the form. Don’t touch the fabric to press it down onto the glue. It is extremely hot and the scarf fabric is very thin, almost sheer. It will burn you. I have the bubbled burn mark to prove it! Place the clothespin back on the wire to hold the scarf in place while it dries. Pull the scarf taunt, remove the next clothespin, squeeze hot glue on the next section of the wire, and use the clothespin to hold the scarf in that section. Continue with this until you have completely glued the bottom half onto the wreath. Make sure you have the fabric pulled tight because it does not look good sagging.

By the time you have finished gluing bottom half of the fabric on the wreath, the glue should be dry. Take off the clothespins to use them on the top of the form. Attach the scarf just as you did on the bottom. For the “stem” section put one clothespin right at each side. The stem has a slope on each side, creating a “V” in the center so it’s harder to glue on without something holding each side.

View of the front of the wreath.

Now glue the top section on just as you did the bottom. If you have a lot of extra fabric on the back when you’re finished gluing, cut it off. Just leave about 2 to 3 inches all around.

The form is finished, now you just need to add your accessories. Pick one of the metal Halloween words to glue to the black pumpkin. I used “Beware” on one of mine. The word is longer than the pumpkin, but that’s fine. Center the word on your pumpkin and glue it on.

Center the pumpkin on the front of your wreath and glue it on. Next you need to cover the “stem” of your pumpkin with a black pipe cleaner. You could also use twine, ribbon, or anything you have around that would look good on it. Wrap the beginning of the pipe cleaner and twist it around the bottom of one of the stem wires and put a dab of glue on it to keep it in place.

Continue to wrap the pipe cleaner around both wires and upward. When the pipe cleaner runs out, glue another one on and begin it just as you did with the first. I ended up using about three and a half. When you reach the top, glue it across the top of the stem, so that none of the stem wire is showing. Cut off any extra that’s left.

Finally make a bow to glue in the middle of the stem. I used a black 2.5″ ribbon that’s covered in sequins that I bought at Dollar Tree a few years ago. The bow is very easy to make. Pinch the ribbon about half an inch from the beginning. Loop about 4″ and bring it back to where you have the ribbon pinched.

Make another loop the same as the first, and bring the end of it back to the same center pinch.

Twist the ribbon and begin a third loop. Make this loop about 4.5″ and bring it back to the same pinch in the center. Make the final loop, another 4.5″ and again pinch in the center. Cut off the extra ribbon. Twist a pipe cleaner around the middle to hold your bow together.

To create the tails of the bow, cut two 5″ pieces of ribbon. Pinch the top of one and glue it to the back of the bow, angled slightly to the right so that it will drape that way once it’s done. Do the same to the other tail, just angle that one slightly to the left.

Cut a 3.5″ piece of the ribbon to cover the pipe cleaner in the middle. Fold the piece until it’s only about an inch thick.

Glue on end on the back center of the bow. Wrap it around the front center, then glue the other end on top of the other on the back. Now you’re cute sequin bow is finished.

Fold the tails length wise and cut the ends diagonally to create a “V” at the ends. Glue the bow onto the middle of the pumpkin stem and you’re wreath is complete!

I just love the look of this! I had the Halloween scarves for years, and I am glad I kept them. Here’s a peak of our Halloween balcony. I will be posting the entire decorated balcony for our Halloween party soon.

If you make your own wreath, please share a picture with us in the comments. Thank you for stopping by. If you like this, check out our other Halloween and fall projects.

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