Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Centerpiece with Dollar Store Items

Halloween will soon be upon us again. I love putting out the decorations with my kids, deciding where they’ll go this year. I know I only have a few more precious years before they will want to move on from this stage. I’m tearing up just thinking about that!

I like adding a few more decor items each year. In order to do that, I’ve got to get creative to create high-end looking pieces on a dollar store budget! This cauldron floral arrangement was made with dollar store items! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Black cauldron from Target’s Dollar Spot
  • Silk flowers from Dollar Tree- 5 total. I used 1 stem of black roses with attached spiders, 1 stem of black floral “glossy berries” (as they are labeled at the store), 1 stem of black roses with eye balls in the center of the flowers, 1 stem of burgundy roses with eye balls in the center, and 1 stem of purple roses
  • floral foam from Dollar Tree (optional but it makes the job of keeping the flowers in place very easy)
  • wire cutters (You can get these at Dollar Tree; they get dull quick, but they’re good in a pinch.)

First trim your floral foam to fit into the cauldron. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. It shaves down easily as you press the foam in to the cauldron. You can see the way mine fit in the above picture. Snip your flowers to the size you want with the wire cutters. I recommend leaving them a little long because you’ll press it down through the foam to your desired height. To begin I put one black rose with the eye ball in one corner of the foam and one of the burgundy with the eye ball into the other corner.

Now start inserting the flowers into the foam wherever you would like, filling in empty places as you go.

Once the outer portions of the cauldron are filled, and most of the top is full, start adding in your fillers. In the middle section (what will be the top of the arrangement) place two berry stems, one the right and one on the left side. This should make your cauldron filled. Now add your creepy critters, leaving them a little higher than your flowers so they are easier to see. I used spiders that came in the black and the burgundy stems.

And now you have yourself a beautiful Halloween floral arrangement to use as table top decor or as part of a centerpiece!

Let me know how yours turns out. Place a picture in the reply section or leave a comment. Like and share this with friends and family who love decorating for Halloween. Happy Haunting!

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