Color Street Nail Polish Strip Review

A young lady we go to church with sells Color Street Nail Strips. I’ve seen a friend of mine wearing them quite a bit & they look great on her. She said that they last her about 2 weeks. At home (away from Covid!) gel-polish looking manicure for less than half the price? Sign me up.

My family & I just did a LEO (law enforcement) family photoshoot, for the blog & for ourselves, last week. We haven’t updated any together family photos since our wedding. We of course had school & sports pics, but none as a family. We went with law enforcement (cobalt) blue & black. Alex had the perfect blue for our nails! It’s called Greeking Out (because I know you’ll want the name when you see it).

Color Street “Greeking Out”

I bought two sets. One for our teenager & one for myself. My daughter needs to be a hand model. She has gorgeous hands & nails. She has long, natural nails so she was the best one for the job of showing you guys what we got. She was so upset that a nail had broken. She said it made her not the best model. I was like, “Look at my hands. Look at yours. Who’s the best for the job here? “

Application of the strips.

The package comes with sixteen nail polish strips, alcohol wipes to clean the nails prior to application, & a nail file. I’m going to let you learn from our mistake. Definitely file the top of your nails to have a better adhesion between your nails & the polish.

File the top of the nails.

I would also add a clear coat on top next time. I think it will drastically lengthen your manicure. Also if someone gives you testers, just know that those aren’t the size of the nail strips in the actual pack. I thought I had like gargantuan nails. Like I was way oversized compared to all other ladies! The actual set is plenty wide enough for whoever. It took us a while to get into a rhythm, but next time I think we’ll be old pros.

First I manicured my nails. File any uneven nails, push back your cuticles & use a sugar scrub or something like that to get the skin around the nails healthy, no scraggly looking dry skin, ha. It’s not one of the instructions, but it looks better. You don’t have to file the tops of your nails, but we got an extra week by doing that with one pack vs not filing them with the test strips. To apply, wipe your nails with the alcohol wipes very well. Choose the polish strip that best fits each finger. Carefully place the strip at the middle of your cuticle, then smooth it to adhere it to both sides at the cuticle & smooth upward. It does give you a little play time to get it in the right position, but be careful. They can rip. At the tip, fold the strip just a bit under your nail & it cuts off very easily with a finger nail or a cuticle pusher, nail file, anything pointy. Repeat nine times, & voila! A perfect manicure for a third less than a professional manicure with gel polish!

You know that manicure is poppin’ when you’re rocking it in the hospital! This is “Greeking Out.”

There are so many colors to choose from! She’s got the solid colors, glitter, glitter-dipped, ombre, French manicure, as well as patterns. Some are just so stinkin’ cute!  These are a few Alex is modeling for us.

Yes! There are even pedicures!
Can’t wait for some college football… if we get to have it…
Buffalo checks! Cute!

Finally I’ll give you a peek of the nails you’ll be seeing in my newest fall decor tutorial Check back soon for that!

I love this one! It’s called Capitol Hill.

I know you’re all dying to find out where to get your own set, or sets, because who wouldn’t want pretty hands for a great deal. You can order your own nail polish sets at Alex’s website or by email at

Let us know in the comments what your favorite colors or patterns are from Color Street. If you love it, let us know. Be sure to stop by her website now & definitely on August 25 to see the new fall colors! Tell Alex I sent ya!

Thank you again my dear readers for stopping by again. Share across all of your social media apps. This review is my honest, unbiased opinion. I wasn’t paid for this post. They’re just loveable!