Father/Son DIY Top Gun Shirts

Free Maverick and Wingman Goose Design Space File

Black t-shirts "Maverick" and "Goose"
Father’s Day Wingmen

I saw some cute father/son shirts online. I really liked some, but I didn’t want to pay $20 or more for each shirt when I have a Cricut and vinyl right at home. My husband and I both love the movie Top Gun. With the second installment Top Gun: Maverick dropping any day now, I chose to make them “Maverick” and “Goose” shirts. My son is definitely Robert’s wingman. He follows him everywhere. If he’s not home at 5:05, Jax wants to know where in the world he is. I tell him, “You know he’s an investigator so he probably got a call to go to.” Then he waits “patiently” until Robert gets home so that he can climb Robert like a tree. Every day. I have no clue why it doesn’t bother him to be climbed, I couldn’t do it!

I have made my Design Space for this project open to everyone so you can make your very own! The shirts turned out very cute. You can choose to use the files for shirts, signs, coffee cups, or tumblers. You just have to customize the file to the best size for your medium. I think if I redo mine, I’ll make the design a little bigger for their shirts. To make your own, you’ll need:

  • black shirt in your husband’s size- I got mine from Target on sale for $5
  • black shirt in your son’s size- I got his from WalMart for $4.88
  • white HTV vinyl
  • scissors
  • weeding tools (I really didn’t have to use mine)
  • Cricut and the green mat
  • wax paper
  • iron and ironing board
You’ll need these items for your project. I used white vinyl in lieu of the blue and black.

First, use this link to take you to the file in Design Space. https://design.cricut.com/landing/project-detail/5ef6543fe16fa912d0b8d9b9 The image is in purple, but that’s just what I used, you can use whatever color you have in HTV. Click Make It. Choose the “Iron-on” setting on your Cricut, I use the Cricut Explore Air. Place your HTV on your mat with the shiny side face down. Be sure to click “Mirror” on the left side of your screen before cutting. If not, your vinyl will be backward on your item. Click continue and feed your mat into the cutting machine as you press your arrow button. When it’s fed through, press the “C” to cut the vinyl. When it’s finished press the arrow again to get your mat out. Pull the cut vinyl off and weed out everything except the words and line designs. Once you have the word and design weeded, place it on your shirt or other material with the sticky side to the shirt. Tear off a piece of wax paper be enough to cover the entire design and place it over it.

This is an example of how to place the wax paper. Ignore how messy it looks lol!

I heated my iron up to the “cotton” setting. Every iron is different, but that setting is usually efficient. If not, set it higher. Most of the time I take the shirt, after placing the design, and make whoever is going to wear it, put it on. That way I can make sure it looks right. Place the shirt on your ironing board or another solid flat surface and press the iron firmly over the wax paper, while moving the iron around so as not to melt the HTV and wax paper on to the shirt. I do mine for about 30 seconds. You can see if it’s on the shirt by pulling a corner of the wax paper up to see if the design is now on the shirt instead of the sticky part of the vinyl. Repeat these steps on both t-shirts, and you’ll have two super cute dudes or dudettes! You can make these for Father’s Day, birthdays, for a Top Gun party, or just for every day wearing! I love the idea of a Top Gun baby shower, birthday, or viewing party. I think we’ll do that soon!

Please let me know how your projects turn out! If you like this post, share this post with all of friends and family you think will like this too.

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