“Be Safe” Door Decal

Remind Your LEO to Come Home Safely Every Day

My husband was a patrol officer when we first started dating and then married. I had no clue every LEO wife thought the same way I did. He did a month of days then a month of nights back then. At first I was terrified to live alone at night. I got over that pretty quickly. Especially when he was on night shifts I looked forward to hearing that velcro rip off at 5am! I thought, “Ok, he’s home safe. I can sleep now.” About a year later I found out that all LEO wives look forward to the same sound. We all have our hearts stutter a bit when they go 10-8, and it beats easier when he gets home.

I was looking through some LEO items on Etsy, like those credit card size plastic for their wallet to remind them to fight to come home safe daily. I saw some coin things, some saint items, etc. I saw some door decals while I was browsing. I thought that would be great on LEO family doors! Another way to remind him he is loved greatly, and we need him home after every shift!

SO- I set out to find what message I wanted on our door. I decided on “be safe.” In Cricut Design Space I created the text, then decided on the “Alexis Maddox- Emma Rae” font from my all access pass.

“be safe” using my desired font.

When you choose a cursive font, it always comes out with spaces between each letter. To fix this, you need to change the “letter spacing” from 1.2 to 0. Then click ungroup in the right task bar. Once you’ve done that, each letter will be independent. Move each letter to connect with the prior one.

Letter spacing and Ungroup are circled above.

Our living room palette is navy, Robin’s egg blue, and gold, so I chose navy from Oracal 651. That’s a permanent vinyl. I cut it, then weeded the decal. I’ve used contact paper as my transfer paper from day one. It’s $1 at the Dollar Tree, compared to $7.99 in stores. I’ve had the same roll of contact paper for about 4 years. Best dollar I’ve ever spent! Once it’s cut, cut your contact paper to fit the decal and use a credit card (in true LEO wife fashion I use a plastic “miranda warning” card) or Cricut scraper to trace over the letters forcing the letters to stick to the contact paper so that you can safely remove the paper backing. Now place your decal where you want it on your door. I chose just above the deadbolt. Using your credit card again, begin to go over the letters over and over until the decal is safely on the door.

Once it’s solidly on the door, pull off the transfer paper. And there you go! A beautiful reminder for the whole family to come safely home after a long day.

Another way to create your own door reminder without a Cricut or other die cutting machine, is to freehand a stencil or whatever color of vinyl you choose. You can use the stencil to paint on your door, or cut the vinyl using the stencil. Can’t draw to save your life (insert me here)? Create a Word doc or use PicMonkey (a free app to create and/or edit pics). Create a new document, type your phrase, and find the font you’d like on your door. Size it correctly, place the picture below a piece of wax paper and pressing down using a pencil, go over and over the edges of the words. When you’re done, you’ll have your own stencil you can trace around to cut vinyl with or to paint on the door. If you’re painting, I would cut the letters out carefully, place painters tape on the edges of the paper, and paint in the missing inner letters.

Whether you use a die cutting machine or a Word doc, this project shouldn’t cost more than $2 to $4. That’s a great deal. You’ll have a statement piece and something to dress up a plain old door. Let me know if you have any ideas like this. If you make one of your own, post a picture in the comments and tell us how you did it! Like and share with your friends who could benefit from this idea.

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